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Club Officers and Board

  • President - Megan Laughlin

  • Secretary - Erin Donovan

  • Treasurer - Sharie Grey

  • Board Member - Tara Akin

  • Board Member - Dawn Buczko

  • Board Member - Jennifer Francis

  • Board Member - Wendy Majernik

  • Board Member - Betsy Zelina

Standing Committees

  • Membership Chair - Megan Laughlin (Club), Erin Donovan (LTS)

  • Competition Chair - Open

  • Test/Sanctions Chair - Jessica Pentz

  • Learn to Skate USA Director - 

  • SafeSport Compliance Chair - Jessica Pentz

  • Nominating Chair - Stacey Spirk

Board Members Creed

  • I will know and understand the mission of the Beaver County Figure Skating Club.

  • I will unconditionally support the mission and my fellow board members.

  • If I disagree I will do so respectfully and seek consensus on all issues.

  • I will check personal agendas at the door of every board meeting.

  • I will sign the board member agreement, the ethical behavior, and conflict of interest forms.

  • I will abstain from voting on issues that present a conflict or even a perceived conflict of interest.

  • I commit to all the duties of my position.

  • I will act in good faith and in a manner that I believe to be in the best interest of the club.

Above all, I will remember the focus of all of my efforts, decisions and time is to make skating a great experience for all involved.

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