Ice Etiquette and Safety Rules for All Freestyle Sessions

It is important some basic rules be observed by all skaters, coaches and parents for safety, and to ensure that everyone can make effective use of their ice time.  It is important for everyone’s safety that all skaters and coaches stay aware of other skaters on the ice.

  • If you are a less experienced skater, please be extra careful to stay aware of other skaters and to watch where you are skating to see what others are doing or are about to do.
  • If you are an experienced skater, please be patient with the less experienced skaters. Remember – you were new to freestyles at one time, too.
  • Please be understanding if someone gets in your way.
  • It is essential to respect other skaters.
  •  Strive to avoid collisions!
  • Keep moving while on the ice, as it is dangerous for you and other skaters to stand still during a session. It is especially important not to stand in the middle of the ice or any of the jumping corners.
  • Private lessons are restricted to ONE Skater or ONE Dance or Pair Team per lessons on Club Freestyle  Sessions.

Payment for Ice Time

  • Skaters must pay for the freestyle session before stepping on to the ice.

Prohibited Behavior

  • Freestyle sessions are meant for skating training; so playing or socializing is not permitted on the ice during freestyle sessions. Please take these activities off ice.
  • Kicking, digging holes, scraping or stomping the ice with your blades and kicking the boards are prohibited.
  • Being verbally abusive to other skaters or coaches is prohibited.
  • Deliberately challenging, scaring or intentionally blocking another skater is prohibited.
  • Lying or sitting on the ice is prohibited.
  • Videotaping anyone other than your own skater is strictly prohibited.  This applies to skaters, coaches and parents.  
  • The hockey boxes and scorekeeper’s box are for coaches and skaters ONLY.  Parents may observe from the bleachers.
  • Parents/Spectators may NOT stand in the doorways.
  • No sticks or pucks.

"On Program" and "In Lesson" Get Priority

  • A skater doing their program to music has the right of way.  All coaches and skaters must yield to skaters doing their program.
  • All skaters must the yellow sash when on program. (NEW as of August 2014)
  • Skaters taking a lesson have the right of way over general skaters in the session.
  • Skaters on the harness also have the right away. Please be careful of the harness area.
  • The harness should never be used during crowded sessions.

Singles Moves

When you are practicing elements like camel spins, back spirals and jumps recognize that once you've started the element it will be hard for you to see those around you. Take a good look at your expected path before you start the element, and abort it if it looks like you could cause a problem.

Pairs Skaters / Ice Dancers

Be aware that two skaters moving together take up more room than one, and generally can't react as quickly as a single skater. If they are doing a lift, be aware that once a lift is started, getting into the path of the lift is very dangerous for both you and them.

Falls and Injuries

If you should fall, get up quickly. Remember that the other skaters will have a much harder time seeing you when you are down on the ice. Don't stay there any longer than you have to.

If you see someone that has fallen and may be injured, do not move them. If you suspect that someone is seriously hurt have someone stand next to them and call for a qualified adult to come and help them.


  • Skaters/Coaches will sign up for program music rotation at each freestyle session. This will be done on the honor system, with the responsibility left to the skaters and coaches. Music will still be played on a first come first served basis and the list will be followed to determine the priority. (NEW as of August 2014)
  • Coaches may put the music of the student they are teaching ahead of other skaters. Everyone should appreciate this policy when they are in a lesson enjoying this privilege and graciously accept this policy when they are the ones being asked to wait in line.
  • Please do not stop and restart your music if another CD is waiting in line.
  • Please handle the music equipment and everyone’s CDs with extreme care.
  • The last skater or coach to leave the ice is responsible for returning the music box to the office - if you cannot lift the box ask for help.